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About Us



Dance for Every BODY!  Unlocking Your Spirit Through Movement.  

Conscious Classes in Dance & Movement

The Center for Conscious Movement invites you to experience your true nature and birthright to joy through various forms of dance and movement. We experience, practice, teach and believe movement reveals and conscious movement heals.


We offer dance/movement classes and workshops with a focus on:

  • Joy 

  • Self-empowerment and Self-love

  • Awareness

  • Intuition 

  • Your natural-movement

  • Dropping mind

  • Dancing meditation 


We aspire to redefine limited ideas of “dance” and “the Dancer” through the understanding that:

  • Existence IS a Dance

  • We are ALL Dancers, Dancing simply by Being

  • We are ALWAYS Dancing whether in stillness, standing, walking or breathing

  • We ARE BOTH the Dancer and the Dance   

We teach Dancing AS Meditation/Dance AS Yoga:

Dance is among the earliest modes of yoga and is intrinsic to all.  The word "yoga" means uniting and our classes are intended to help reunite you with your true unlimited beauty and power. As such, dance is a natural way to reveal the body's deepest wisdom when approached intuitively- that you are more than just the body!  

We are unique...  Our classes aim to inspire a joy for dancing and facilitate an opportunity to tap into intuition and consciousness through movement.

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_Celebrate your life with music amd dance_
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Me as my shadow..
dance pieces!  Will include the option to learn how to_
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Part II_  Tonight at the Center for Conscious Movement..
•FUCK YEAH YOU ARE A GODDESS!(Candlelit) Thursday 7-8pm
The other night... Preparing the space for our Conscious Ballet class last Monday night at 6PM_edite
Conscious Ballet- Tonight at 6_00 PM
One of our instructors and I getting ready for Dance to DESTRESS on Wednesday nights at 7_30 PM at t
_Regrann from _feliceespinoza -  The Jump. _Singing is another form of dancing.jpgDancing is another
JOIN US TODAY and EVERY Saturday at the Center for Conscious Movement from 1_30-2_30 for Mindful Mov
Part II_ Where we let ourselves be moved... The inside of the studio for the Center for Conscious Mo
From a participant in our Meditation Into Movement class, _Took class at The Center for Conscious Mo
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Big things are happening!  We recently got together with _laurynbianco to prepare for a friggin awes
Sample 3 classes in 1!! A conscious approach to modern dance technique through 3 different teachers
Part I_ Where we let ourselves be moved.._edited
_Regrann from _feliceespinoza -  Suspended and surrendered to flow = never being off balance
#center4consciousmovement #consciousnessshift #dance #yoga #realshit #realyoga #
If you cannot begin where you are, then where shall you begin_  Can't you only ever begin where you
TONIGHT at 7_30!  SOON!  JOIN us for Carie's class DANCE to DESTRESS and gently  release tension you
Life on the diagonal... Gettin ready for U_edited
The other night... Preparing the space for our Conscious Ballet class last Monday night at 6PM_edite
Easy Dishes ToMake For Your50th BirthdayDinner Party (26)
_Regrann from _feliceespinoza -  Everything is always dancing_edited
JOIN US TONIGHT at 7 PM - DONATION ONLY! _A way to hold space for shifting global consciousness with
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When your foot loves the floor.._edited
dance pieces!  Will include the option to learn how to_
Dancing AS prayer. Prayer AS dancing. Everything is imagined... Especially you


Carie Schneider
Felice Angelique Espinoza
Maria Sara Villa

Carie Schneider has performed, choreographed, and taught as a professional modern dancer for 15 years. She has taught classes at ZUZI! and Ecdysis, performed as a member of ZUZI’s professional company, directed ZUZI’s Youth Company, and worked as an independent choreographer and performer in the Tucson community.


Carie has extensive training and experience in aerial dance (single-point trapeze, fabric sling, lyra), Compositional Improvisation, and Skinner Releasing Technique.

Felice specializes in dance as a form of transformation.  She has a gift for facilitating an experience with movement that leads to profound change in the body, mind and Spirit.  A Cecchetti trained Ballerina for 14 years and a Modern dancer, choreographer and teacher for 20, Felice moves fluidly from one style to another.   She believes all forms of movement inform one another other, revealing sacred secrets of the body and soul.  

Felice is deeply devoted to the Divine Feminine.   She has worked with living masters of Interfaith, Buddhist and Hindu traditions in India and the United States and is initiated into the tantric Sri Vidya Goddess tradition and lineage.  Felice invites everyone to explore their creative potential and power as a way to experience their own Beauty.  She provides a sacred and safe setting for experimentation and play.  Felice is dedicated to helping all Beings recognize their birthright to joy and inherent divinity.

Maria Sara Villa was born and raised in Colombia surrounded by a family of musicians.  Since childhood, dance and movement have been her passion and language.  She became a Feldenkrais Practitioner in 1989 and professionally danced and taught Aerial Trapeze with ZUZI! Dance Company School and Theater in Tucson, AZ for nine years.  She has also danced in far flung places such as London, Paris, Boston and Washington D.C.  


Drawing from her experience as a mother and Doula, Maria is a Registered Nurse working with mothers and newborns at Holy Cross Hospital in Nogales, AZ.  She is very excited to be a part of the new Center for Conscious Movement.  Her classes, based on Modern Dance technique, Feldenkrais concepts and improvisational ideas, seek to give each student the joy in which "dance like no one is watching" is truly central.

Lauryn Bianco

Lauryn Bianco is a native New Yorker who has been dancing since she was three years old, and has lived and loved in Tucson since 2005.

Lauryn’s approach to teaching dance derives from experience: dancers spend a lot of time getting criticized, tweaked, shamed and judged, and in turn, feeling guilt, worry and pressure. 


"I believe that everyone can (and should) dance in the way it makes most sense for one’s body – not what makes sense for someone else’s. Your dance time should not always be spent looking in a mirror and criticizing yourself – it should be fun, and free, and in the moment. I will help adjust your body if you’re hurting yourself, or if you tell me something doesn’t feel right - but I will not adjust you so you look like the person next to you.


In short: I don’t give a you-know-what if you don’t look like everyone else. You do you."   

Lauryn minored in dance at SUNY Fredonia and earned double master’s degrees from the University of Arizona: a Master’s in gender and women’s studies, and an MBA from Eller. She currently works as the Director of Development at Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse in the day, and jams out to 80s and 90s pop music at night. She has been involved with the Tucson dance community since 2008; she spent the majority of her time as a company member with ZUZI! performing modern and aerial work. Lauryn’s favorite dance genres are jazz and tap, and has been waiting for an opportunity like the Center to teach what she loves most.

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